Easy Safe : autonomous container cooler kit !

Our Easy Safe cooler kit solution offers you the possibility to have a refrigerated space in a maritime container! The kit is delivered flat packed and is to be assembled in the maritime container directly on site.

Made with 50 mm thick isothermal sandwich panels, Easy Safe offers several advantages:

  • Quick assembly, simplified by color system
  • No screwing or welding required and no special tools needed
  • Rapid assembly and disassembly in the theater of operations or on a logistics platform

When the kit is in place, the closing of the container doors compresses the joints between the panels, thus ensuring a perfect watertightness.

Our Easy Safe solution consists of:

  • Isothermal panels: the kit is made with isothermal sandwich panels, high performance and thickness of 50 mm.
  • Solar panels: as an option, Easy Safe can be composed of 6 light (<4 kg/m²) and compact (<14 mm thick) monobloc panels. The panels power the air conditioner, which is used for an average of 4 hours per day.
  • Sunshield: The optional sunshield kit is moored to the ISO corners of the container to protect the four sides of the container and its roof, and create an air gap to reduce the interior temperature of the container. The perforated PVC fabric blocks more than 75% of the sun’s radiation. The six solar panels are attached to the fabric. The canvas is easily transportable because it folds into its travel box.

Easycube has put all its know-how into the deployment of Easy Safe to offer you a solution that is easily transportable and quick to install.

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